About Us

The Stenglein Group is a full services accounts receivable management company. We are not a collection agency. We are account receivable management specialists. We are designed to improve your cash flow by professionally pursuing receivables that are overdue, thus maximizing cash flow and improving lines of credit.  A conventional approach to collections is typically expensive unprofessional and alienating. We believe a "preventative maintenance" approach improves our client's percentage of timely receipts and maintains healthy relationships.

John E. Stenglein

Chief Executive Officer

John was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota.  John has over 30 years in receivables management experience, primarily in the construction industry.  John began the Stenglein Group, Inc. in 2005.  With his team of account service representatives, they have been very successful in assisting companies by professionally managing their corporate receivables.

Douglas J. Lawrence


Doug was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from St. John's University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  Doug served as Regional Vice President of Annuities at Ameriprise Financial with a special emphasis in business development, for many years before joining The Stenglein Group, Inc.  Doug's management skills and experience bring depth and balance to the services of The Stenglein Group, Inc.

Gina R. Murlowski

General Counsel

Gina was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and received her undergraduate degree from the University of St. Thomas and her Juris doctorate degree from William Mitchell School of Law.  Gina spent a decade as corporate counsel for a large national contractor, which employed over 350 people.  Her experience includes: contract review, negotiation and alternative mediation resolution proceedings in collections and general disputes.